The Longest Day of My Life, Part 1: The Buildup

This is the first in a series of three posts about the day that changed my life. Maybe not for good, but certainly for the time being. A day that saw an amazing change in circumstances, and is an example of how unpredictable life is. A day which gave me a feeling of triumph, a feeling which I had been a stranger to for years. Six months have passed, yet even today when I think about that one day, I’m filled with euphoria. September 9-10, 2008. The defining twenty-four hours of my undergrad life. The day I got my first job.

It all began on the 28th of August, with British Gas flagging off the campus placements. It was a time when almost everybody was filled with mixed emotions of anxiety and hope. Most of us were disappointed, however, when British Gas shortlisted only twelve of us (we were forty-eight in total) for the interview: the top ten, and two randomly. And as you might have guessed, I didn’t figure in the elite list. What more can you expect with awful grades? But we hadn’t expected much from them, so that was that.

On September 1, it was the turn of Cairn Energy, known to be a GPA-exclusive recruiter, though the written test was open to all. I gathered that it was all a folly, and decided to skip it. And quite as I had predicted, the second question in the test was: “What is you GPA till the last semester?”. Case closed. Next, it was Schlumberger on September 3, and they too had a GPA criterion: 7.5, and that was really disheartening. My hopes of getting a top-job were rapidly fading away. Though they later removed the GPA criterion, I figured out it would be a waste of time, as they probably wouldn’t care about those below the 7.5 mark; open-to-all was just an eyewash. And once again, I was right.

Then, the big day. September 4, Shell. They had a telephonic round earlier in July, from which they selected eighteen of us. It was a pure inter-personal thing, and quite apparently, I made it, ahead of many other bigwigs with fat GPA’s and poor language skills. However, the recruitment day was essentially based around the project work we had undertaken during our undergraduate study. And mine wasn’t good enough. I lost out, quite as I had expected at some inner level. Case closed.

And then, there I was. September 9. The day when I had renewed hope, and zeal. The day where I was more confident than ever. The day which was not to be.

To be continued…

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