Condoms Could Worsen AIDS? What the… Oh, the Pope. That’s Natural.

The Pope has done it again. On a 7-day tour of Africa (Seriously is he kidding? All Africa in seven days flat?), the first thing Pope Joseph Ratzinger, or Benedict XVI, did was to address the problem of AIDS in Africa, and he did it in trademark Catholic-style. He said that condoms are not the solution to AIDS, and went on to say that condoms could actually increase the problem. Now we call Africa the dark continent, but I see the Roman Catholic Church has some serious enlightenment issues, too.

Firstly, the facts. An estimated 22 million people in the continent are known to have HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. And of the 2.1 million worldwide deaths from the disease in 2007, over two-thirds occured in sub-Saharan Africa. Plagued with a host of other problems, like population explosion, ethnic conflicts, economic mismanagement, rampant corruption, and frequent malaria epidemics, AIDS can ruin whatever there is left in the weak African economy. Governments are grappling to spread awareness about the disease and promote safe sex, and then suddenly like an angel, the Pope comes and says condoms aren’t good. Abstinence. Abstinence is the key. And oh yes, we’re going to preach that to the Africans.

Perhaps the Pope forgot to do his homework. This is Africa, not Europe. Here, people still believe that having intercourse with a virgin or an animal (yes; I’m sorry but I had to write this) can cure one of AIDS. Perhaps he is ignorant of the many ills that plague Africa, and are factors in the spread of this disease. Or perhaps, like all Catholics, he has a sheer disdain for modern medical science, and maybe even a disdain for the people of Africa. After all, he is the great Pope. He heads a class of super-rich and super-influential people who condemn assisted childbirth (oh let the mother die, caesarean section is evil), preach against contraception (because hey, children are God’s gift and you can’t obstruct that), and that all sex is evil (except maybe for them).

And so, if the Pope says that abstinence is the way to prevent AIDS, it doesn’t come as a surprise. He could even go ahead and suggest that the solution to all problems in Africa is the Bible. Because it is easy to say that when you live in a palace in Rome, with all pleasures that you entail as the first citizen of the Vatican. No, O great Pope of the world. Abstinence is not the solution to the problem of AIDS, not in Africa, not anywhere else. It might be a solution to breaking marriages, but not to AIDS. The solution is education and enlightenment in the modern sense of the word. Not age-old and outdated dogma that the most devout Christians across the world have started to question.

Safe sex is the way to combat AIDS. Sue the medical community for saying that.

(For more information about AIDS, visit this Wikipedia page)

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10 Responses to Condoms Could Worsen AIDS? What the… Oh, the Pope. That’s Natural.

  1. Archie says:

    Wow! Pretty strong statement against the pope. He heads up not just a bunch of rich folks, but an incredibly BIG group of poor folks. Either way, the point is aids is spread by a sex lifestyle that serves as the conduit. That conduit needs to be plugged…

    • December says:

      Now now, if you would head a BIG bunch of poor folks, would you live in a palace?

      You see, I believe in abstinence too. But why do we have to tell people if this is right and that is wrong? Just because we feel it is right, and hence they must, too? To combat the problem of AIDS in the dark continent, we need more practical means, than teaching them about the ‘evil’ of a sexual life.

      And I do hope you’d agree that condoms don’t compound the AIDS problem.

  2. sulochanosho says:

    The Popes are always to increase the population – so that more populated Catholic World is established. Pope is condemning poor condoms. It’s rather, high time to condemn rotten blind biblical sermons there instead. Praise to pope for he is preaching for complete sex, not for so called condom, mediated safe and half sex. Skin to skin, soul to soul, flesh to flesh – no bloody rubber piece there in between!

    No wonder, AIDS originated or caved in solely because of ABSTINENCE SERMONS AND SUPPRESSIONS. When one is holy-washed in the SUPPRESSION PRISON, he comes out to test and taste it by any means – animal or any dead hole is no taboo for him. And the greatest result or gift of that was your AIDS epidemic across the globe.

    I salute the words expressed in this bold post:

    The solution is education and enlightenment in the modern sense of the word.

    The right awareness on sex on the part of the people is the need of the hour. Educate more with natural wisdom, suffocate less with dead holy sermons.

    A simple reproductive act is sex. But today sex has become the most perverted act and it’s now a billion dollar industry that is ruling the whole world pretty well. Shame on humanity.

    • December says:

      You are so very right about sermons. And I salute your words too:

      When one is holy-washed in the SUPPRESSION PRISON, he comes out to test and taste it by any means

      The question about sex being a perverted act is, who is making it a perverted act? Aren’t these sermons helping that all the way?

  3. nocturnalrudy says:

    oh pope more answers from the past to solve all of today’s problems and save us from ourselves. Nice blog. With the Catholic church having so much influence you would think that maybe for a second they would do what’s best for people sometimes…and loosen some of their ridiculous stances. All it does is make them look dated and out of touch with reality.

    • December says:

      Yes, it’s like, if today they threw away their dogma and taught people the things they really need to know, religion would be so much more helpful to humanity.

  4. sulochanosho says:

    Our Pope condemns poor condoms, but on the other hand our Scientist (Christine McGourty) warns, ‘by 2030 this globe is goint to be so overpopulated (8.3 billion) that people simply may starve and die for there may not be enough food, water and energy left out.’ Please read this news story on:

    • December says:

      Perhaps he’ll ask people all over the world to practice abstinence in married life too. Don’t use condoms, of course. Then the Catholic population will overwhelm the world, and then shall arrive Judgement Day.

  5. sulochanosho says:

    The other day our friend Coco sent us a link that addresses the Overpopulation issue. It’s worth reading and I thought of sharing the link here. Thanks.

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