A Blog’s Sexuality

In the spring of ’07, I came across a blog called Ennui. In it, the author wrote about her life and mundane happenings, albeit in a beautiful way. I fell in love with it (and later, with the author herself) and decided to start my own blog. And so I started writing about my mundane life and discovered it was more interesting than I thought. Soon, however, the initial appeal blogging had to me died down, and my blog sunk into oblivion. Thereafter, I repeatedly started blogs with a renewed zeal, only for them to become defunct after a week or so. And now that Blabberwocky has taken off, I know why my dozen previous didn’t. They were simply, female. Yes, blogs can be broadly divided into being male and female. And no, this is not a sexist viewpoint.

All blogs I come across have a definitive tilt towards either being about the author’s life or being about the world outside the author’s life. Yes, some blogs do walk the borderline, but it’s difficult. More than that, it looks odd if, sandwiched between ten posts about daily life, you find a post denigrating stem cell research. Or vice versa, for that matter. And, from my experience of blog surfing, I frequently find that most successful blogs about ‘issues’ are authored by men, and so I call them male blogs. On the other hand, the most beautiful ‘journal’ blogs belong to women, which I call female blogs. This does not mean that men don’t blog about their life or women don’t write about issues, but that trend is visible more in blogs that are defunct. And oh, in case you’re wondering, I don’t call such blogs transsexual, thank you.

Now, the reason for this can probably be given only by an expert in psychology, a subject I’ve always loved but never have had the time to explore. To my naive eye, it seems as if men have a tendency to interpret the outside world, in a factual and objective manner, analysing the facts and giving their opinions on what should and should not be. Women, on the other hand, are retrospective, and tend to be able to portray everyday events in a beautiful way. Neither is good or bad, they are simply different styles of writing. And as I suggested earlier, I don’t also mean to say that men will have male blogs and women will have female blogs. And it is not wrong or devious for a man to have a female blog, or for a woman to have a male blog (infact, who am I to decide who’s normal and who’s devious anyway?).

However, in my own experience, all my previous blogs, which were essentially female in character, were colossal failures. This was primarily because I thought blogs had to be essentially about my life, mimicking the nature of the blog I drew inspiration from. However, I’ve now realized that I’m not so skilled in turning mundaneness into beauty, and that my blogging style is different. Hence I’ve started this new blogging project of mine, Blabberwocky. A male blog. I’d like all bloggers who can’t keep their blogs alive to address this issue. One must recognize what genre one can do justice to. Writing is an art, a beautiful, creative activity. And killing your blog is like smothering that creativity inside. It is a crime, one that I’m guilty of, and one I don’t wish other bloggers to commit, all friends of mine. If you feel bored of blogging, maybe it’s time you shifted your genre. And if more men started blogged about beautiful life, and more women wrote about the dynamic world around us, I’d be glad to be proved wrong. But keep blogging.

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9 Responses to A Blog’s Sexuality

  1. juturna says:

    well 🙂 from the author of the blog you fell in love with, i think, yes you’re right… my blog is female because well, i choose it to be… call me narcissistic or egotistic, the best thing i can write about is myself… and rather, i don’t feel the need to express my opinions on ‘issues’ unless they move me to the core…

    and love, your blog, as others say too, is extremely versatile and i love having things to think about every time i read it… 🙂 and you never fail to marvel me with your words, every single time…

    p.s. : this post classifies as a female one 😀

    • December says:

      I don’t think I find anything narcissistic or egotistic in blogging about your life. As long as you keep blogging, it doesn’t matter. 🙂

      And well, don’t you think this post, too, analyzes an issue? 😀

  2. cbullitt says:

    Write as you please. Finding one’s voice is often difficult, but it comes. And whether male, female, introspective or opinionated (male and highly opinionated in my case–but you knew that), once one’s voice is secured, it does not always follow that content will be so.
    As Truman Capote– a writer occasionaly gifted at elevating the mundane to art–once opined on his craft, “In this business, you have to occasionally kill your children.”

    • December says:

      Yes, one’s voice comes, and for me it came after sending about a dozen blogs to the grave. Content is an entirely different concern, for it depends on creativity, constructiveness and many more qualities of the writer. But for amateurs like me, I guess the former is more important.

  3. sulz says:

    very interesting thought! i agree with juturna. i talk about myself in my blog because i feel it is the subject i know best about. 😆 i don’t talk about politics or global issues simply because i know too little or i don’t have anything else to add on from what everybody has probably said about it. and well… i like that i end up making friends with people who get interested in the topic i know best about. 😉

    • December says:

      Yes, and you do a pretty good job writing about what you know best. This is proven by people like me who eagerly await your next post.

      i like that i end up making friends with people who get interested in the topic i know best about

      mm-hmm 😀

  4. Ruth says:

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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