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The Slant-Drill That Caused A War

As Petroleum Engineers, we’ve learnt at length about the technique of directional drilling. Also called slant drilling, this is how we can drill into petroleum reservoirs which can’t be reached by drilling straight down. It’s quite simple to understand: suppose … Continue reading

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The Day Of The Derby

(I know I wrote about football just a few days ago, but I’m a guy after all. :P) It doesn’t get better. Liverpool host Manchester United for the now-famous North West Derby. Both teams are bogged down by injuries, but … Continue reading

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Censure That Censor, Please

Well well well, guess what’s new on the English movie channels airing on Indian television these days. Yes, you guessed right, they’ve started editing out kissing scenes from movies. That means after MJ pulls down Spiderman’s mask, what you’ll see … Continue reading

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~edit It seems now that the beach ball was too light for the football to take any deflection off it. What happened in reality was that Pepe Reina was disoriented by the balloon, and instead of covering the shot from … Continue reading

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Have you ever felt this? When you look at your face in the mirror close-up, you find yourself, full of life. You see every part of your face: the ridges of the lips, the curve of the brows, the depression … Continue reading

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Three Reasons Why Arunachal Pradesh Is A Part Of India

This news has been doing the rounds so much these days, that I had to write about it sooner or later. Now, for the uninitiated: Arunachal Pradesh is a state in the easternmost part of India (Arunachal literally means the … Continue reading

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Grudge Blogging: Because You’re Human

I don’t read my own posts. I generally type in a flow and with spontaneity, and looking back at the finished result somehow kills that feeling of satisfaction. It is only when someone says a particular post is well-written that … Continue reading

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