Have you ever felt this? When you look at your face in the mirror close-up, you find yourself, full of life. You see every part of your face: the ridges of the lips, the curve of the brows, the depression on the chin. Everything. It somehow pleases you, and you say to yourself, “I ain’t bad to look at, am I?”.

Then during the day someone takes a picture of you, and you instantly start wondering how you look. Whether it’s an urge or a fleetingness, you do want to see the picture. However, when you get to see it, the person you see in it is someone who only slightly resembles the one you saw in the mirror.

I don’t know about you, but I sure go through this every now and then. The ‘I’ in pictures seems to be starkly different from the ‘I’ in the mirror. In some cases it’s my smile which is too wide, or my hair, or my lips, blah. However, there are those rare occasions when the picture comes out perfect. And I’m relieved; ah, that’s me, finally.


P.S. What would happen if you went through the above, liked that rare out of rare picture and put it up on your social networking profile, only for it to be immediately rejected by someone who matters because your skin is a tad shiny in it?

P.P.S. If you don’t know what’s happening here, my ON button just blew up. Have a good day.

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6 Responses to Mirror.NEQ.Camera?

  1. juturna says:

    it’s the same with me… the me i see in the mirror is vastly different from the me i see in my pictures… somehow there’s also this that the me seen by others in real life and the me seen by others in my pictures are different… so in totality there are 4 notions of me…

    it is very disappointing to see someone you love reject a picture of you that you love but then everyone’s perspective is different and there isn’t any way of making sure i have the same vision that you do…

    there aren’t ever any bad feelings attached to ‘rejection of pictures’ – we just want ourselves to look good… and sometimes one is just driven to tears when one reads something like above and realises he/she was the cause of such a hurtful post…

    • Arijit says:

      You see, here the point is, if the person who asks you for your opinion just has this one pic in which he looks like he thinks he does, in which he looks what he want to look like, and if you summarily reject it, and even go on to say that you hate that pic, what would that person go through?

      But of course, empathy is a faculty which fades away with time.

  2. akhila says:


    Same is the case with me… Except for the last part about rejection of the pic by the one you love, which I haven’t experienced…
    But can imagine—er—feel what you would have gone through…
    And what she would have felt when she came to know about it… … …

    • Arijit says:

      Well, things sort themselves out quick when the reason for friction is miscalculation and misinterpretation of spoken words, and quicker if the two people keep talking (or quarreling or fighting, as the case may be) till the matter is resolved. Then there’s just smiles and normal service resumes. πŸ™‚

  3. Feizerl says:

    whoa… i never thought it would be that bad if a loved one rejected your fav pic…

    and i feel the same about my pics. hardly ever right… though actually, my perception of myself keeps changing every few hours… i dont know if thats normal or not but i cant visualise myself mentally… and that’s coz everytime i look at myself even in the mirror, i look different… sometimes the eyes are smaller, the face rounder… and so on.

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