It seems now that the beach ball was too light for the football to take any deflection off it. What happened in reality was that Pepe Reina was disoriented by the balloon, and instead of covering the shot from Bent, his hands involuntarily followed the bright-red entity. You can’t blame Reina for it, though. Just plain bad luck, I’d say.


Being a United fan (a hardcore one at that), I can’t grant myself the concession to admire rival teams: namely City, the Gunners, Liverpool and them Blues. But once in a million weekends comes a moment when I get to pity one of them. This Saturday, it happened at Sunderland. For those who’re busy watching T20, here’s a round-up. Darren Bent, one striker who now looks ever more assured of an international berth for England, tried shooting one toward the Liverpool goal. The mercurial custodian Pepe Reina had covered the shot, but it took a deflection from a beach ball (believe it!) which was thrown onto the ground by someone in the crowd, and ended up in the net.

Sorry if you call Anfield your Mecca (I hope you read this, Shivam :P), but this made my day. No more cribbing about our loss to Burnley. No more worrying about Chelsea, though that was partly thanks to Wigan. This weekend, Liverpool was the show-stealer. Of course, I do feel sorry for them: poor run of form, the Gerrard-Torres axis out of action, and then, this stellar piece of bad luck. But then, worthy of a good, hearty laugh. Maybe Rafa Benitez will sign the beach ball. It’ll do a better job than Voronin, I’m sure.

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4 Responses to Guffaw!

  1. juturna says:

    😀 awesome! 😀

  2. Shivam Sudarshan says:

    dude…we’ll strike back dude….n strike back hard!! who are we playing this weekend…ohh…is it UNITED!!!!

    • Arijit says:

      Dude, it’s UNITED dude, UNITED! 😀

      Oh, and glad to have your comment. This post was kinda dedicated to our biblical rivalry. 😉 😛

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