The Day Of The Derby

(I know I wrote about football just a few days ago, but I’m a guy after all. :P)

It doesn’t get better. Liverpool host Manchester United for the now-famous North West Derby. Both teams are bogged down by injuries, but Liverpool have a more urgent need for the three points. That’s because they’ve lost four games on the trot now. If they lose this one, it’ll be the first time since 1953 that they’d have had such a poor run. Never mind, I still want United to win. We need the points to go back to the top of the Premiership table. In fact, I think if Liverpool lose tonight, it’ll be good for them because then they wouldn’t have to think about the EPL; they’d be out of contention then. It’ll take the pressure off, and they’d be able to concentrate better on the Champions’ League. Now, now, I’m just playing here.

For me, however, this match has a personal significance. My dear friend from college, Shivam, happens to be a staunch supporter of Liverpool while I’m the old-school Man United fan. In fact, most of my erudite discussions relating to football are with him, my other pals either too busy (that’s more like the norm these days), or ignorant about the beautiful game. Hence, this happens to be our derby. He got a double last season (means we got beaten by them both times) so I hope today I can give something back.


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