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Mother, We Shall Not Forget

For Mother, they came with hatred where there was love For they came for blood where there was compassion For they came with vengeance where there was none For they danced with jubilation at the deeds they’d done For Mother, … Continue reading

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Where Have All The Indians Disappeared?

The recent verbal attacks by Bal Thackeray on Sachin Tendulkar have been subject to a lot of criticism, and a lot of severe criticism. Similar retaliation was seen when Raj Thackeray laid siege on the fame of Amitabh Bachchan, and … Continue reading

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“Good evening. Tata Indicom.” “Yeah, hi. My number is :blah: and I’m a Photon 1x subscriber.” “Yes sir, how may I help you?” “I can’t connect to the internet since morning.” “You have been disconnected because of non-payment of dues.” … Continue reading

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The Equilibrium of Money and Fun

During those four years of undergrad engineering studies, each one of us had created a Utopian World in our minds. A World we were sure we would step into after bidding goodbye to our coursebooks. A World of boundless money … Continue reading

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Klueless 5 Levels 1 Through 20: Them Klues For Them Clues

Now this is impressive. Really, really impressive. It had been eons since I’d used a considerable portion of my ample grey cells. I’d almost forgotten the feeling of triumph that used to overwhelm me when a stubborn Irodov problem, or … Continue reading

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My New Speakers: Altec Lansing VS2621

They’re here. The basic requirement of any music aficionado, especially one inclined towards hard rock and metal. Of course, there are better, and larger, speakers out there, but 2.1 is enough if you’re living in a bachelors’ hostel, and more … Continue reading

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PGI Death: Why The Prime Minister Is No Ordinary Citizen

During our school days, in our civics (introductory political science) class we were taught that in a republic, the Prime Minister is an ordinary citizen at par with any other citizen, his job being to serve the nation by literally … Continue reading

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