Klueless 5 Levels 1 Through 20: Them Klues For Them Clues

Now this is impressive. Really, really impressive. It had been eons since I’d used a considerable portion of my ample grey cells. I’d almost forgotten the feeling of triumph that used to overwhelm me when a stubborn Irodov problem, or one of those Level III FIITJEE meanies, finally gave way. Klueless 5 developed by the Ahvan team down at IIM Indore rekindled that sensation, and forced my dormant neurons to become conductors. I’ve spent half a day on it now, and I’d say you won’t need LSD after Klueless overcomes you. Going through it, however, is extremely tough, and I’ll do some social service here by laying down hints from level 1 to level 20. Please note that I’m in no mood to give away answers; I’ve worked pretty hard to get them, and it’s more of a social service if I let your brain do the work. Let the light of brilliance shine on, shine on.

For the completely uninitiated, Klueless is a game of riddles which can not only work your brain around in ways you never imagined, but also cause previously-unseen cases of emotional and, if you’re that addicted, physiological disturbances. Now that you’re nervous enough, you’re good to go. To start, go to the Klueless Start Page. Make sure you read all the instructions carefully, as they are prerequisites to solve the riddles.

Level 1: Your must not have read the instructions properly. Bad.
Level 2: Find what’s beneath and take it above and beyond.
Level 3: Look at the page title. Maroon. What do you generally find when you’re marooned on an island? What would you think if I told you the text within the picture was written over a week? What did the hint in the page source say, and what link can you find between that hint and the text? And what are search engines for?
Level 4: Ever seen at the drawings in those school geometry books where a cube was drawn, and you could imagine seeing the cube from two different perspectives: a common optical illusion? So look closely, and when you get the one that eludes you, combine it with the source code hint and search. It helps if you’re a Queen fan, but only slightly.
Level 5: Look at the title. You’re not a fan of hip-hop music, are you? Worry not, it’s just a matter of following the URL. Don’t be mislead by it, though, for it gives you a ticket to a long journey when your destination is right there.

Level 6: This level really didn’t deserve to be on Klueless. But you can’t blame them, they’re probably trying to test if you can apply common sense. Simply search for, and search, the quotation in the source.
Level 7: This is a dead giveaway: T9.
Level 8: You know this is a place. Wiki it, and you’ll find the exact same picture. Spot the difference, and smell the Spice.
Level 9: The animal is the answer, but your pet rodent is the only way you can do this. No, not Jerry, darn!
Level 10: The URL says: extra. So find out what’s extra in the ‘extra’ and make it similar to the whole.
Level 10B: It’s not Sherlock Holmes: the silhouette smokes a  cigarette instead of a cigar. Now you know by instinct who was the culprit. You just need to find the archaic term for it, and you’re, er, almost there. Once you get it, you’ll need to do the same exact thing you did while going from 10 to 10A.

Level 11: You know the goriest bloodbath in history. Yes you do. But do you know it was caused by a kid? Well, not literally, but a kid.
Level 12: Google Google Google.
Level 13: Check this out. It’s the video. Now Google and search for the little guy’s pals.
Level 14: Just answer the chat. That’s all there is to it. Of course, there’s only one answer.
Level 15: This is a piece of genius. Did you know about the Stormtrooper effect? And did you also know that those dots on the dice don’t indicate anything you could see if you could really read them? I know the hint is too cryptic, but this is a piece of genius, and any direct clue would be a shame.

Level 16: We all have done this. Reading comics in the math or art classes. Now if you would’ve looked up on the board on both occasions, this one should be a cakewalk. If you never did such a thing, and never read anything other than course books, I’d suggest you stop wasting your time and read theoretical physics.
Level 17: Contrary to what you might read on the forum, you don’t need to be a Kaminey fan. All you need is to Wiki the title and the distinct one. Of course, there’s a jump you need to make, but that’s easy if you know the little brother of the distinct one.
Level 18: Watched No Man’s Land?
Level 19: The first two lines talk about an entity you will learn about if you crack this level. The next two lines talk about an instrument. The source hint gives you directions on the compass. Simply follow the directions. No you don’t have to leave the chair and go walkabout, but maybe your fingers could do the same on a very nearby citadel. Combine the footsteps of your fingers with the title, and Wiki it. Voila!
Level 20: You must change your perspective. Or jump up and down. But before that you’ll need to change your perspective about jumping up and down. And after that you can use Wiki and your Bingo skills to generate the leftover eight. And from the leftover eight you’ll get to the special three. Now what’s special? Search search seach!

Any doubts may be expressed in the form of comments. But don’t expect me to let the hard work done by Team Ahvan go to waste. For clues after Level 20, you can look in the forums. I’ve given you sufficient help to create an addiction, I hope. Get cracking!


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82 Responses to Klueless 5 Levels 1 Through 20: Them Klues For Them Clues

  1. daipayan says:

    bhai level 6 ta kichhu hochhe naa..bishal soja jaani kintu tao kothao gondogol korchhi.ans ba solid hint dite parbi???

  2. buju says:

    bhai ekta problem hoche lvl 20 te…..got a cobi of 12 numbers …tarpor ki korbo???kichu bujhte parchina …help me out buddy

  3. Paroma says:

    What about this level 20 ???
    I mean what about it seriously 😦

  4. silvermist says:

    hey arijit please help me with level 12 not able to get through

  5. silvermist says:

    sorry i meant level 11

  6. silvermist says:

    some more hint please 😦

    • Arijit says:

      I’m sure you know what is that one event that was the goriest bloodbath in history, and brought that country to the brink of destruction. Now Wiki it and see if there is any connection between that event and a little boy. Literal or metaphorical, your call.

      • Nidhi says:

        Hi Arijit,
        I am sick of looking at lvl 13. Really require some help here.
        I have read all possible wiki write ups on world war 2, nazi camps but just cannot find a link with the kiddo. Not even sure what am i looking for. Is it a name? an event? Am i looking in the wrong place….

      • Arijit says:

        I guess you mean level 11.
        Okay, it is one event. One, single event. The single goriest event in history. I’m sure you know what that was. Find out what link it had with a kid. In fact, it was caused by that ‘kid’.

  7. G says:

    Stuck at 9…i see the animal…i know what u mean by rodent…have tried all combinations of using the rodent on the text written around the animal…still no luck… 😦

  8. rahul says:

    hey arijit i m tryin to find the answer to lvl 15.. i hav tried deciphering the msg using *** text from google images..still no luck… pls help!!

  9. Jibi says:

    dude, seriously, im stuck on friggin level 7. people keep goin, find all the mistakes and then answer the question and make the same mistake and bulshit like that….i know james was rejected but wat the hell do i do with it?????

  10. ashish says:

    plzz give me hint on level 15
    i m stuck it
    plzz give me more clue

  11. ravi says:

    Dude, @level 20 (On which i’m stuck for long) i’ve got 8 numbers!!
    But how do i get the three special numbers you have mentioned. Hint please.
    Also are these the numbers? *,*,**,**,*,**,**,*

  12. ravi says:

    :(, 😦
    Got four numbers and googled but no result
    One week and stuck !!
    The number after bringing numbers in each row together
    Help help 😦

  13. patel says:

    what do dis t9 means???

  14. pankaj says:

    How do i get around the twisty lvl 10. I have tried the replacement of extra with a lot of words but i just can’t get it. Plz help

  15. pankaj says:

    ok…forget it …i got to 10B

  16. Thanks a lot! Your clues were a big help. I liked the fact that they were not direct, and yet if you thought about things, you would get the answer.

  17. amit says:

    dada lvl 7 k5 t9 bujhte parchi na kindly help give some solid klue

  18. anjna says:

    could u ppppppplllllzzzzzzz tell me the answer for level 11…
    im stuck on it for the past 3 days…
    plz help me

    add me on gtalk probably coz i knw u cant post it here…

  19. pritychatterjee says:

    hey buddy
    thnx a ton
    ur klues helped lot more dan d blog
    ur pointers r super precise
    pls also put up clues 4 d nxt levls
    wil help many lost souls like me

    thnx agn

    • Arijit says:

      Am glad you found it helpful, but after playing Klueless for one day non-stop, and having abandoned my life for the said interval, I decided to stop. 😀

  20. akhila says:

    Level 15 Arijit… Need some help!

    decoded it, got a five letter word. A****
    Seems to be a name… But dont know what to do with it.. Absolutely no idea of the place linked to it….!!

    I decoded those dots 8 hrs ago 😦 help me out please… … …

    • Arijit says:

      Akhila you’re addicted to it too? Awesome. 😀
      It is a name indeed. What place would you associate A**** with? Remember childhood days?

      • akhila says:

        Crossed the level. But still dont understand… The word I got was ***b*….. And answer relates to ***c*…

        I thought I knew brailie 😦
        Or is this another trick of the k5 team?!!

  21. akhila says:

    Anyway thanks!
    For this one, and all the other ones too… They were of great help!

    And thank you–Ur blog told me about kluless, and took me back to the days when I was preparing for my entrance.

    Solving these levels makes me feel something like what I once felt when some crazy challenging problem in physics was finally solved..!

    Actually, I hated the questions on physics they gave for my entrance. they were too simple. I needed something more challenging, more teasing.
    So I used to borrow secretly exercises from my friends who were preparing for IIT entrance (Yeah! I was bound to mind my own exam in my commercial corporate hostel. ‘extra’ exercises were banned. But i managed to work them out secretly) . Some of those were wonderful! When I finally manage to crack them…..Aah! I had been missing the feeling for four and half years now. k5 gave it to me again!!

  22. neeraj says:

    friends I can not view source for level-4. I could make the block thing, but if any one can give me whts there in source for l-4.

  23. Mankris says:

    HI Stuck at level five.. it just has rediff.com and ROTFL! but no go ahead

    For the level 4 look between the blocks and link it with the code in the source”Lord of….”.Google for sometime… the answer is up there!

  24. rachit says:

    hi arijit can u give me some hint regarding lvl 10b!!!
    i know the murderer is some one who is not mentioned in the passage!!!
    but i m not getting an archaic term for it plz plz plz help me!!! stuck from last 3 dayz!!!

  25. adwait says:

    @level 11
    are yaar konsa goriest bloodbath in history???
    ye to bata do!

  26. adwait says:

    @level 11
    are yaar konsa goriest bloodbath in history???
    ye to bata do!!

  27. utk says:

    plzz help on lvl 11…. can’t find any battle relating to a kid…tried wiki also…….plz give a big clue…

  28. ankesh says:

    plzzzz help on level 4… i got the blocks. i got the book. i got the clue on the name who is related to go back…. tried typing all of that in the answer column, but no use…. plzzzzzzzz help!!!

  29. Spandan says:

    umm…i’m kinda stuck at level 13 and i’m stuck bad….i know who the puppet is and also his favourite quote…but i don’t understand wat u mean in your clues about his friends…care to elaborate???

  30. Raima says:

    I really cant figure out level 7.. have been at it for 3 days now.. please help.. i know he got rejected.. and in T9 it is selected.. even put in the numbers for the letters. nothing works.. Please help.. i cant take anymore cryptic clues.. Im so depressed i think i’ll cry… 😦

    • Arijit says:

      Try putting the answer in your mobile using T9. And yes, if Klueless causes depression, please don’t play further. 🙂

      • kris says:

        i’m stuck @ lvl 7 from 5 days…not able to fig out wat exactly need to be punched in the answer bar..got the words that is wrong (selected and lands) but wat next…pls give me some other clue…ve tried evrything possible with those wrong words…i’m on the right path or is it some other words…pls let me know…

  31. Aatmin says:

    Any help for level 9 ????
    wat rodent are u talking about and is the ans. got something to do wid changing the url or clicking on the image coz i cant write anything in the answer bar!!!

    @kris: try dufferent words and use their t9 forms

  32. Shan says:

    Level 3: I am not finding answer for level 3

  33. Sri says:

    Hey, I cant believe I am stuck in level 9 after rushing here….I have tried the animal itself and also other words but the letters are not getting typed there at all… i have no clue if it is a tech issue or i am dumb!:-/

    Dare you say the answer… But beg you to give a clue 😦

  34. varad says:

    level 7 ..the ans to question can be selcted or rejected…used t9…but dont know how to use the ans….please help

  35. @rup says:

    @level 4..
    I got – our Lord arrise & Flies.. but cloudn’t come up to the answer.. google stops to help me… please help…

    • @rup says:

      I have tried the writer’s name… and all other related things on google.. nothing worked..

  36. rohan says:

    stuck on lvl 7 since past 4days 😦 plz plz tell me the answer, i hv tried evrything.
    i know james was rejected. Mistakes to be replaced with – ado,rejected,james. Now how to answer,,,do i need to put the entire text replacing mistakes as showin in msg?

    Some answers which i tried- ‘james war selected’, ‘james gov selected’,’james got rejected’,’james was rejected’…..
    What to do,plz give SOLID clue.

  37. Sam says:

    For level 7, try to type the easiest form of the answer in your mobile on T9. you will get the answer for next level

    • mi says:

      thanks a lot….yours was the hint that got me to the “right” answer..i was stuck on that level for hours on end and didnt seem to get through..
      thanks again

  38. Road says:

    level 20 (-_-“)
    anyone ? :\

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