Mother, We Shall Not Forget

For Mother, they came with hatred where there was love
For they came for blood where there was compassion
For they came with vengeance where there was none
For they danced with jubilation at the deeds they’d done

For Mother, the blood spilled was that of our kin
For the bullets that were sprayed hit us all
For the sorrow of the weeping widows permeates walls
For their children orphaned were no less ours.

For Mother, we worship you like every child does
For the blows they dealt you was a needle through our hearts
For we will not let anyone scar your hallowed soil again
For those sitting across the Line never felt the pain.

In tribute to the martyrs of 26/11.


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4 Responses to Mother, We Shall Not Forget

  1. Feizerl says:

    happy birthday! πŸ™‚

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