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Where Have All The Indians Disappeared?

The recent verbal attacks by Bal Thackeray on Sachin Tendulkar have been subject to a lot of criticism, and a lot of severe criticism. Similar retaliation was seen when Raj Thackeray laid siege on the fame of Amitabh Bachchan, and … Continue reading

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Yeah, We Have Thousands Of Rivers In The Plains, But It’s Not Raining!

We’re stepping into a new era as a nation. The wounds of our past have left us with scars, but they don’t hurt now. The dust hasn’t settled yet, but we can see through it. We’re weak, but alive, so … Continue reading

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How the BJP is Making it Increasingly Difficult For Me to Vote for It

…and why I will vote for it anyway The upcoming general elections will be the first time I’ll be eligible to vote. The last time they were held, I was 17, one year short of being eligible for franchise, but … Continue reading

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Is Barack Obama Reaching out to ‘Moderate’ Extremists?

US President Barack Obama is treading on fragile soil wearing stilettoes by saying he’ll reach out to the moderate faction in the Taliban. For what Mr. Obama calls moderates do not fit in the definition of the word. Perhaps he … Continue reading

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