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Klueless 5 Levels 1 Through 20: Them Klues For Them Clues

Now this is impressive. Really, really impressive. It had been eons since I’d used a considerable portion of my ample grey cells. I’d almost forgotten the feeling of triumph that used to overwhelm me when a stubborn Irodov problem, or … Continue reading

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The Slant-Drill That Caused A War

As Petroleum Engineers, we’ve learnt at length about the technique of directional drilling. Also called slant drilling, this is how we can drill into petroleum reservoirs which can’t be reached by drilling straight down. It’s quite simple to understand: suppose … Continue reading

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Happy Pi (π) Day

Yes, today is Pi (π) day, the value of the enigmatic mathematic constant to the first two places, 3.14, being similar to today’s date in the Gregorian calendar, 3/14. So what is π? As I said, it is an enigma. … Continue reading

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Shrapnel in Space Threatens the International Space Station

Indeed. This might come as a surprise but a stray 5-inch chunk of an old rocket engine in orbit was recently threatening to damage the International Space Station. So much that the crew had moved into an escape vehicle in … Continue reading

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