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Mother, We Shall Not Forget

For Mother, they came with hatred where there was love For they came for blood where there was compassion For they came with vengeance where there was none For they danced with jubilation at the deeds they’d done For Mother, … Continue reading

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Why Ajmal Aamir Kasab Must Be Given A Lawyer

Shiv Sainiks might have pelted stones at Anjali Waghmare’s home in Worli, and they might have made her think about her decision to agree to defend Ajmal Aamir Kasab in court, but the truth will stand. The lone terrorist alive … Continue reading

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How the BJP is Making it Increasingly Difficult For Me to Vote for It

…and why I will vote for it anyway The upcoming general elections will be the first time I’ll be eligible to vote. The last time they were held, I was 17, one year short of being eligible for franchise, but … Continue reading

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